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"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you."

C.S. Lewis

"When you realize God's purpose for your life isn't just about you, He will use you in a mighty way."

Dr. Tony Evans


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  • Bible Study
    – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Children's Choir and Bible Study
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  • Youth Group
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  • Kids Zone! Children's Ministry
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    6:00 PM, IN THE GYM!



    You are now able to get into the church program to review your page and edit any contact info, etc.  You can also see the church directory with all members contact info, birthdays, email, etc.  If i do not have your email address in the program you will not be able to access it so please send me your email address if the link below does not work for you.  Feel free to change any incorrect info on your page or add info if needed.




    We have an anonymous donor that is willing to match donations, up to $4,000.00 for the projection system through the month of September. If you would like to donate, please write “projection system” on envelope.

  • Ordination Service

    Ordination Service

    On Sunday, October 6th @ 3 pm we will have an Ordination Service for Robert & Jimmy. Lee Welch will preside. We will have refreshments afterwards. No evening services.


    A season of losses:

    Friends finishing their service here and returning home, leaving a hole in the place that was uniquely theirs.

    Students moving on because of graduation or family/ministry changes. Kids in the flag picture are graduates.

    Missing out on significant family celebrations: a graduation, a wedding, a new house being built.

    A season of new beginnings:

    Buying a car.

    Furnishing an apartment with my own choices of color and style.

    Showing a granddaughter and a niece around my world here.

    Renewing my relationship with God which has grown stale and distant this year in the midst of all the adjustments. See more in the prayer request at the end of this newsletter.

    JUST FOR FUN! Chemistry class on the first day of finals.

    THANK YOU for ministering with me in prayer and financial support. Pray for me. As I alluded to in the new beginnings list, my relationship with God has suffered this year. My prayers are sporadic and shallow and time in His Word is mostly in response to Bible study preparation, not my seeking to hear Him speak to me. This is a priority this summer: to return to the lover of my soul with my whole heart. So please pray with and for me in that.

    Mailing address: Deckemattstr 18, 79400 Kandern GERMANY.

    Email: sclay@teachbeyond.org

    Black Forest Academy website. Begin now to think about how God might use you or someone you know next year in this wonderful place.

    TeachBeyond website for information about opportunities to serve the missionary and refugee populations overseas through education.

    What would happen to your community if all the schools in your county closed? What would happen to your church? Families depend on having a source of education for their children - as you do as a parent. Certainly other options would open up, but not immediately, and families would be desperately trying to find solutions - which, for many, would mean moving away. As I stood at my third floor window the other day and watched students crossing campus between classes, I pondered the impact of Black Forest Academy simply not existing. It struck me on two levels. The obvious answer is that none of us would be in Kandern, Germany. No teachers or staff; no students; no combined influence in the local community. There would be a vacuum where once a vibrant learning and believing community of almost 500 had thrived. But greater by far was the realization that BFA's closing would suck the life out of ministries all across this hemisphere. From the 3 families in Tajikistan to the couple in Morocco to families in Israel and the West Bank to Serbia to Burkino Faso - and on and on, ministries would be disrupted as those families and their mission agencies scrambled to respond to the sudden loss of educational opportunity for their children. When I say that we have parents serving with over 70 different mission agencies in about 45 countries and from 20 different nationalities, the magnitude of what we do, what I do every day grips me. BFA is not in crisis or imminent danger of closing. We are thriving, and God is blessing. We are in the middle of reaccreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International; their review team will be on our campus next month, and we expect a positive visit. We are in the process of buying a large former nursing home to serve as more housing, having had to turn away students this year due to lack of housing. But we are facing challenges. Challenges with obtaining work visas. Challenges with changes in the German tax laws that are forcing multiple staff to leave for financial reasons. Challenges in staff recruitment. Would you consider calling your church to prayer for Black Forest Academy in the season of Lent? If not at that time, at a later time? If you want a speaker for your congregation, I can locate a former BFA alumnus, staffer, or missionary in your area whose family has benefited from BFA. Would you pray specifically for staffing needs next year, favor with the German government in the matter of visas, and a renewed joy among those who serve in this place of ministry? The Kingdom advances and will not be stopped. But the King asks us to seek His hand in all we do. Thank you for your service in your community. Thank you for joining the wider work of Christ around the world. Blessings, Sandra Sandra Clay Guidance Counselor, Black Forest Academy
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    Please feel free to contact us with your question, comments, or concerns related to blog entries, ministries, or anything else that you may wish to discuss.  You can email me at pastor.beallchapel@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

    Robert Simpson


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