There’s an App for That
January 7, 2020, 10:00 AM


I’m kind of an “old school” guy. The type that my kids call a “boomer” because I don’t have the newest technology or know the current lingo. In my day the term lit meant something completely different than it does nowadays and if words like viral and fire were used to describe you it wasn’t a good thing. I still prefer actual books to e-versions and remember when Oregon Trail, Atari, and Carmen San Diego were the newest thing. I realized after Christmas just how much out of the tech and social media loop I am. My daughter got a new phone so I took her old phone which was a hand-me-down when she got it. I had to get help setting it up and still only know how to perform the basic operations. I have resisted the push into the modern era of technology and social media but I now realize that in order to remain relevant, I must expand my understanding and practice. However, I have found that some of the terms used in the modern social media world can be used to help Apply Biblical principles. The following are a few that I have put together based on my limited knowledge. 

GPS is a miracle but a little scary. Satellites in outer space can pinpoint where you are at any given moment and tell you how to get to your desired destination. If you have a phone in your possession, you can be tracked, anywhere and anytime. Tom-Tom and Garmin weren’t the first people to possess this ability. The original is God’s positioning system. He knows all things at all times. Where can we go to escape Him? If we flee to the dark He can find us. If we settle on the far side of the sea, His hand will guide us (Psalm 139). The biggest difference in the two ’s is that God doesn’t need us to tell Him our destination for us to arrive safely where we need to be, we need to let Him set our path and trust it as we follow Him.

The idea of having friends and followers is important among social media users on apps like Facebook and Instagram. But how about getting followers of Jesus. Paul instructs his readers to follow him as he follows the Lord. Not to follow him so that he could be “verified” as social media famous. We should be as intentional about gaining as many followers of Jesus as we are about followers of our social media accounts. Also, Paul didn’t need a Finsta account, he wasn’t ashamed of the Gospel and his life showed it. I can’t go without mentioning streaks. Quite simply, how long is your streak with the Lord? Do you put as much effort into maintaining it as you do with your others? Instead of sliding up or sliding right, what about looking up and getting right. Lift your eyes to the one true God and get right with Him before your Tik Tok time runs out. Today is the day of salvation for all who would call upon the name of the Lord. Jesus got Linkedin with a group of disciples and his leadership model was to do the will of the Father. So before you “Get” another download, why don’t you lay your load down at the foot of the cross and take up the yoke of Jesus. Find your true identity in Christ alone, not in what the world sees as your “status.”