Sunday School
February 26, 2020, 3:18 PM


I apologize for the irregularity of which these thoughts are being written down and posted. I have recently enrolled in school and the increased workload has caused me to run behind in some areas. However, being in school again reminded me of a time when I didn’t take academics seriously. I thought back to the days of my freshman year in high school, and no, I wasn’t the best student. My least favorite class that year was geometry. I did well in algebra the year before but I didn’t get along well with geometry. I attended class regularly, brought my book, even stayed awake during class, but somehow I didn’t get it. Part of the problem may have been because the teacher wasn’t my favorite. There was just something about her I didn’t like. Her personality didn’t get along well with mine and I remember thinking she presumed she was better than most of us. Also, I didn’t see the need in learning all that stuff because it didn’t then and probably would never apply to my everyday life. The only reason I really kept going to class was to hang out with my friends, not to learn about geometry. Another thing was the classroom. It didn’t have any windows and there was no color on the walls. I felt like the class was being held in a dungeon somewhere. All of this is how I felt about geometry, but isn’t it the same way some people approach church. Their regular attendance isn’t because they really want to learn about God or have a deeper relationship with Him as much as it is about hanging out with friends. They aren’t really seeking to learn more about what the preacher is saying because they don’t think they will ever be able to apply it to their life. They can’t seem to get into the sermon because there’s just something about the preacher - he’s too loud, he made me mad, his tie isn’t straight. Or maybe the preacher is always talking about being more like Jesus and that makes them feel bad about themselves. Or maybe the preacher did something to make them mad and instead of talking to him about it they would rather be that student in the class that always causes problems. Sometimes people feel like they may not be as smart as some of the other people there and so they never ask questions and try to understand and grow. They allow a perceived embarrassment to hinder their walk with the Lord. Part of my problem with geometry is part of the problem with some people and church. The solution may be related as well. In order to improve in geometry, I had to prepare for class by doing my homework. That means in order to deepen our worship we must not simply practice it on Sunday morning and we must prepare our hearts to worship. Second, I had to learn to expect I was going to learn something. We must expect that when prepare properly and enter into worship that we will meet with the Almighty God. Our expectations will impact our preparation. Third, when I went to class I had to participate, not just sit in the back and cut up like a new pair of scissors. If you attend a worship service and have not prepared your heart, don’t expect to meet with God, you probably won’t actively participate in worship. And if you don’t actively participate in worship by giving of your time, talents, and resources, have you really worshiped? Finally, when preparation, expectation, and participation are added together the end product is radiation. When Moses after preparing himself to meet with God, expecting to encounter the Almighty, participated in the communicating with and worship of God, left the Tent of Meeting with a face that radiated the glory of God. When we have truly worshipped the Lord at church or in private we too will radiate His glory. You can’t do that approaching worship like it was high school geometry.