Spiritual Drafting
March 11, 2020, 11:08 AM

I’m not sure if I have shared this thought before so if I have please forgive me. I simply share out of the overflow of what is going on in my life and what the Lord teaches me through circumstances. Emily and I have been seeking the Lord fervently (praying, fasting, reading) concerning a particular area lately and it seems to be to no avail. I must admit we have become discouraged at times and have experienced an overwhelming feeling of being lost without direction. In these times we always go back to the last thing we know the Lord put on our hearts to do and right now that has put us in a holding pattern like a plane circling the runway. It’s in times like this the Lord reminds me that I need to improve my waiting skills and just keep drafting. By drafting I mean the idea of following close behind the leader similar to what is done in Nascar racing. I’ve never experienced it like a racecar driver but I have in running. In a long-distance race the runners will sometimes allow a person to go out front and set the pace. The runners following simply have to focus on the runner in front of them and just keep running. The lead runner will provide direction and also provide a buffer against the wind coming against the racers. This allows the runners following to keep pace without getting tired as quickly as the lead runner. I tend to struggle with waiting and following especially when it seems I’m just going in circles. The waiting gets harder when the attacks start coming. The enemy coming against my children through people they look up to or should be able to trust, deceptions, fatigue, discouragement, frustrations and so on. It’s these times when then the Lord reminds me of Isaiah 40:31. Those who put their trust, hope, faith in the Lord will renew their strength. The word for renew can also mean to exchange. Those who hope and trust in the Lord and follow His lead will have their strength exchanged for His strength and then will be able to rise up on wings like eagles. The word for rise up also means to ascend, similar to the idea of ascending to the sacred places of God. Ascending the mountain of God to be in His presence. This exchange of strength that allows us to ascend to the presence of God in the middle of adversity provides the ability to run and not be tired and walk but not be faint. It’s when we stay focused on the Lord in front of us and follow His lead trusting Him where He takes us and moving at the pace He sets that we receive renewed strength and victory. To step out on our own and go in a different direction or try to go at a faster pace is to forfeit all of the blessings of having the Lord lead the way and ends up in us falling behind.