Speed-dating with God
January 16, 2020, 10:57 AM


In a desperate attempt to fulfill a longing and satisfy the yearning of our hearts and desires of our flesh, modern society has developed ways to generate opportunities to satiate these cravings with the minimalist of effort. Things such as Tinder, Backpage, Craig’s list and dating sites like, Farmer’, and Christian Singles have lost the stigma that was once attached to them and become more of a norm for finding someone to spend time with. I will reserve my opinion on these things because it is not the point to be made today. The hope of finding something of great reward with the least amount of effort and personal involvement is not only an epidemic in the search for romantic intimacy. It seems to have spilled over into the spiritual realm a little as well. To learn of the emphasis heroes of the Christian faith placed on prayer and spending time with God is somewhat convicting to me. I find myself on occasion trying to treat my time with God like a speed dating event. I want to rush in, sit down, tell Him those things that I feel are important and what I want, only halfway listen to His response and eventually ignore it if I don’t like it and ultimately walk away without any sense of true interaction or responsibility to Him. This is not how we are to approach God and spending time with Him. The depth of the conversation we have with Him in prayer is a direct reflection of the depth of our relationship with Him. It’s similar to that person who is a friend of a friend that you’re left talking to when you’re mutual friend walks away for a moment. It’s easy to be overcome with panic because you have no idea what to talk about and hope there will be no awkward pauses in the conversation. If you have only a superficial relationship with someone it’s almost impossible to have a deeply meaningful and impactful conversation with them. If all we ever do is rush in and out of our time with the Lord and never really spend any time communing with Him then our relationship with Him won’t be deep and meaningful. If we seek to get what we want from Him with as little personal involvement as possible, we will never have that longing of fulfillment satisfied. Be careful that you don’t carry on a relationship with the Lord that makes Him seem like that distant relative who you know you’re supposed to be comfortable around but you can’t because you don’t really know that much about them. God desires a personal and meaningful relationship with you. He desires to spend quality time with you in His presence through prayer and meditation on His word and works. He even made it possible by sending His only begotten son to cover the sin that separated us. Don’t cheapen the sacrifice by making light of the opportunity to commune with the God of the universe.