Role Reversal
September 18, 2019, 10:58 AM

In the days of kings and kingdoms, when battles raged for lands and dominance, there weren’t methods of communication like what we have today. The victors would use various gruesome methods to display what would happen to anyone that might oppose them in the future. Sometimes it would be crucifixion, impaling, or hanging the bodies up at the city gates. Another way was to send the head of a conquered king or insurrectionist to the people he represented to signify utter defeat. We all have battles we face and sometimes it feels hopeless to even continue fighting. When the enemy seems to be gaining ground and winning at every turn it can cause a person’s heart to grow weary. But one thing can be said, it ain’t over yet. Paul said in 2Timothy 1:12 that he was willing to endure the hardships of this life without shame or despair because he knew the One in whom he had believed and was convinced that He is able to guard that which Paul had committed to Him. Paul reminded Timothy that regardless of how things may be playing out in the earthly realm, the victory had already been won in the heavenly realm. It can sometimes be very difficult to remember that when we are in the middle of being assaulted by the enemy and the schemes of darkness. But take heart. Think back to the story of David and Goliath. Not just the fact that the giant was slain by the little shepherd boy with a sling and a stone. Think of how David refused to be intimidated by the insults, size, training, weapons, or armor of Goliath. Remember that David declared the victory would be given him by the Lord, the God of angel armies. Recall that David told Goliath that he was going to cut off his head and all the world would know there is a God in Israel. Now stop just a second and think about that statement in 1Samuel 17:48 where David said he was going to cut off Goliath’s head. David had nothing but a sling and some stones. There was only one way he was going to decapitate the giant. But that’s exactly what happened, fast forward to verse 51. As David stands triumphant over the slain giant, He takes the very weapon the enemy had come against him with and cuts Goliath’s head off. The weapon of the enemy was now being used to emphasize God bringing victory for David. Hear this, the very weapon that the enemy is coming at you with to attack you, to keep you from victory in life, from living for Christ, or even making you think you’re not able to be saved, just might be the thing God is going to use to shame him with. If addiction is the enemy’s sword in your life, come to Christ and let God use that past to reach those caught in the same lies. If it’s a weapon of self-esteem or depression, God can break those chains and allow you to be the voice of hope someone needs to hear. There are so many examples that could be inserted at this point. Keep fighting in the strength of Lord and He just might use the weapon of the enemy to send a message of defeat to all the forces of darkness and victory to all who hope in Christ. The cross was turned from a symbol of death, shame, and fear to the banner of victory, life, and salvation in Jesus.