Noisy Cricket
December 5, 2019, 10:15 AM


In the movie, “Men in Black”, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play the roles of two men charged with policing the galaxies. As you might imagine or may remember if you have seen the movie, the weaponry required for protecting the galaxy is a touch more powerful than what your average earthling might carry. On one occasion when chaos breaks out, Smith is given a gun that looks like a water pistol in comparison to that of his partner. The humor of the scene isn’t complete until Smith fires the “Noisy Cricket” and is blown backward by the powerful discharge. He had clearly underestimated the power of the weapon he had been given. I recently read through Ephesians 6 in addition to a book on spiritual warfare. It was a good study and caused me to remember that there is a very real and ever-present enemy that we face. This enemy, not totally unlike the enemy in the movie, moves about in ways that common people rarely see. Even Christians sometimes fail to see the schemes of the enemy and may forget that there is a battle waging constantly in the spiritual realms. The thing that stirred my heart the most was that of all the parts of the spiritual armor Paul mentions, the sword of the Spirit just might be where I’m the weakest. The one offensive weapon I am given as a believer is the area that could use the most improvement. You see, the word used in the Greek for “word” in describing the sword as the “word of God” is not logos. Logos typically refers to the written word. The word Paul uses here is rhema. This word when used in this context expresses the idea of the spoken word. The sword God gives me to defend myself against the enemy is His word when I speak it out loud. That may seem simple enough and you may be scratching your head as to why I say it’s my weakest area of defense. I’m glad you asked that question. As I was reading the book on spiritual warfare, I found one of the stories told by the author about his personal experience to be interesting. He said that on one particular occasion when he encountered the enemy, he defended himself by quoting Scripture out loud as it pertained to the particular circumstance he was enduring. This caused me to begin to think of what I would pray out loud that came straight from the Word of God if I were faced with the same situation. I could come up with plenty of song lyrics and anecdotes I’ve learned throughout the years, but I found myself to be short in the area of Scripture. The sword Paul refers to was the type of sword Roman soldiers used in close, hand to hand combat. It was used to deliver a precise attack and when it found its mark would be fatal for the enemy. That is the way the Sword of the Spirit is to be for believers. The Word of God is authoritative and powerful and when spoken out loud in defense against the enemy can deliver the blow that sends Satan and his minions scurrying away. But the caveat is this, if you don’t know the Scripture, you can’t quote it. That’s why it is vitally important to not only have a time of personal devotional but also of extensive study and memorization of the living Word. The study of the Word may seem less important or needed but I would like to draw your mind back to the Noisy Cricket. Don’t underestimate the power of the Word of God just because other things of religious life may appear to be more important. We must put on the full armor of God lest we find ourselves defeated.