I’m Bored!!
October 24, 2019, 9:25 AM


If I had a quarter for every time one of my kids uttered those words, I’d be a wealthy man. Probably, all parents would have a little more jingle in their pocket if that were the case. It never seems to fail that along with the declaration of boredom comes a little tension with a side of attitude. We learned, as many before us and many who will learn for themselves, to give our kids chores to do when they tell us how bored they are. This seems to be at least a temporary kryptonite to boredom. I tend to see the same thing among adults within the church at times as well. Paul writes in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 the strong words that if a man doesn’t work then he doesn’t eat. This has been a theme for many chest-pounding blue-collar workers throughout history. But there is a continuation of the context of that verse found in the following verses. Paul states the problem of idleness and the result of it. People had stopped working and keeping themselves busy with their tasks and began to gossip, complain, and stir up trouble. He brings this up again in 1 Timothy 5:13. Notice how he says that the people are urged in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and get to work. If we apply that same general principle to our spiritual life, there may be fewer issues in the church. When people stop focusing on the task of the Great Commission and become comfortable or disengaged from the work of the Gospel, they tend to become gossipers, complainers, and cause tension among the body. Paul says to urge these folks in the Lord, implying that it is according to Him and to glorify Him by our efforts, to get back to the business of spreading the Good News. If we find ourselves with enough time to sit around and complain and gossip, that is probably a good indicator we aren’t working for the Lord like we ought to be. Notice also in Nehemiah. Not all of the people working to rebuild the wall were builders. Many of them had other professions such as singers. Nehemiah doesn’t record any of them complaining about inconsequential things that didn’t impact the building of the wall. No one is on record complaining about having to rebuild the less desirable areas of the wall or gates. There aren’t any verses where those building the wall refuse to work because the work wasn’t suited to their preference. However, you do find a group of people who knew the task set before them and, even at the threat of their life, continued to work faithfully to complete that task. In conclusion, if you’re spiritual walk has become more occupied with complaining than working, maybe you have forgotten the real task set before you and the importance of it. If you find yourself being distracted by things that shouldn’t matter as much as you let them, ask the Lord to urge you to get busy by His Spirit or through others. The Great Commission requires our attention and efforts and we must be careful not to become idle. If we are unwilling to work for the Gospel, then we forfeit the blessing that comes from it.