Dog Food
February 17, 2020, 10:05 AM


My family was sitting at the dinner table sharing a meal together last week. This is a common practice and something we believe is very important to the structure and strength of our family. Now, when I say my family, I mean every member of my immediate family. This includes me, my wife, three kids, and Thor. Of course, Thor is our dog. I know some of you think poorly of me for allowing our dog to be present during mealtime, but it’s ok. Thor is smart when it comes to getting what he wants at mealtime. He knows if Laura is at the table and we’re eating, he can go sit by her and get a bite of food. He also knows that if it’s just Emily and me, it will be much more difficult for him to get something to eat. So, he will hop up in one of the other chairs and sweetly lay his chin on the table and hit us with literally the puppy dog eyes. If all else fails, and he is able to, he will nudge his way into Laura or Gracie’s lap where he knows he’s assured of finding something tasty. The thing is, almost always, he has two different kinds of food to choose from in him bowl. So all the while he’s at our table begging for scraps, he has good food, as much as he wants of it, just sitting there for him to eat. So after observing this practice the other night, Emily looked to me and said, “There’s a sermon illustration in that somewhere.” Amen! Thor doesn’t prefer people food over dog food because it’s better for him. He prefers it because it tastes good. No matter that it sometimes upsets his stomach or gives him terrible gas. All he is concerned with is gratifying his desires. I don’t want to sound too crazy about a dog so let me explain the principle of where I’m going with this. How often do we pass up or reject what we know to be best for us because we would rather satisfy and gratify our fleshly desires? Because something appeals to our senses, we think we must have it even if it will cause us to be miserable. Holding on to a grudge helps us feel better but it destroys our spirit and relationship with God. Unhealthy relationships often gratify the flesh but take a piece of us away with every broken one. Gossip intrigues us but it is the very poison the devil uses to destroy churches, communities, and families. It all comes down to three things: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Just about every sin is rooted in one of these three categories. It was in these three ways that Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. When Jesus was tired and hungry and His flesh needed sustenance, He refused to give in to the temptations of the devil simply for self-gratification. Instead, He responded with the truth that all of us need to remember when faced with temptations. We must choose to feast on the Word of God rather than settle for the scraps from the table of the world. They may seem to satisfy us momentarily but more than likely will leave us with an upset stomach. There is specific food for dogs that is a part of a healthy diet for them. There is specific food for Christians that is a part of a healthy faith walk and it’s the Bread of Life. Don’t beg for the scraps of the world, taste and see the Lord is good.