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April 7, 2018, 8:16 PM

Who’s Your Daddy?

            I can only imagine the thoughts that were rolling through the mind of the young man as he worked feeding the slop to the pigs.  Here he was, once living under the roof of a prosperous and kind man, now longing to simply be a servant in his father’s house.  I’m sure he replayed the events of that day over and over in his mind, the day when he had taken all he could stand of living under his father’s rule.  The day he figured he was man enough to make it on his own and he knew what was best for him.  I bet those words echoed in his in ears all over again.  The way he demanded his portion of the inheritance and freedom to live as he so chose.  Having spent all of his money on women, drink, and the pleasures of the world, he now stood among the swine longing to have his belly full of the food he as feeding them.  It was at this point a glimmer of hope awakened in his heart.  Perhaps driven by desperation and a remembrance of the love of his father, he set out to return home.  As he trod the long road home, he rehearsed exactly what he would say and beg for mercy, knowing full well he didn’t deserve it.  But you know how the story ends.  While the young man was still a long way off, the father, who had been watching and waiting for the return of his son, ran to meet his boy.  The father embraced his son, dressed him, and placed a ring on his finger.  There would be a huge celebration, for the one who was lost had come home.  One of the points of this story is that it didn’t matter how far the son got from home, he was still his father’s son. No amount of distance, harshness of words, hardness of heart, lowly of circumstance could ever change the love the father had for his son.  No matter how far you have wandered away, mistakes you have made, or circumstances you find yourself in, there is a Father watching and waiting, longing for you to turn and go to Him.  In his arms you will find love, mercy, fulfillment, and forgiveness.  The things of the past will be washed away and you can be set free indeed.  The devil is the father of lies, God is a loving Father freely forgiving all who come to Him through Jesus.


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