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October 31, 2017, 11:22 AM

The Birds and the Trees

If you’re a people watcher like I am, then the term needs no defining.  However, for those who may not know, a people watcher is someone who can go to the mall or other such place and watch people as they go by and be fascinated by all they see.  I believe I can tell a lot about a person in the short time it takes them to walk the 100 feet or so to pass by me in the mall.  It’s not just the style of clothes or general physical appearance.  How a person carries their self in their gait and stride, the expression of the face, the position of the shoulders and posture, and the way they interact with those around them are all telling characteristics.  One thing that can be easy to determine is those who work out on a regular basis.  Their general physical physique screams, “I can bench press a VW!”  Mine is not that type.  Before everyone emails me about profiling or stereotyping, let me continue my thought.  Outward appearance and actions are, generally speaking, a billboard displaying the inward condition, whether spiritually or emotionally.  The Bible teaches that a tree is known by the fruit it produces, and a bad tree is unable to bear good fruit, while a good tree will not bear bad fruit.  This fruit that Scripture speaks of is spiritual in nature.  If a person is not filled with the Spirit, there will be no Spiritual fruit. (Note: there is a huge difference in simply being a good person and truly being filled with the Spirit of God.  Also, Christians aren’t perfect and do commit sin, but they are forgiven.)  In order for a person to have the Spirit, they must have Salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  If there is no Spiritual fruit being produced, there is a good chance there has been no Salvation.  The Apostle Paul gives a list of the different types of fruit that a person produces in Galatians 5:16-26.  I have not said all of this to sound judgmental, as some will say, but to provide the basis of a question.  What does your fruit say about you?  What about the fruit of those you surround yourself with?  We often spend most of our time with those who are likeminded and act much in the same manner as we do.  As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather…”


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