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September 5, 2018, 11:06 AM

That’s Not What I Ordered

There was a man on vacation in Paris who went into an upscale restaurant and demanded to have the chef’s best culinary concoction and money was no object. He spoke in such a way that everyone in the restaurant could hear his boasting of having the chef’s specialty made just for him. As this man had thoughts of fine French cuisine dancing in his head and continued in his braggadocios behavior the waiter returned repeatedly and tried to convince the man to order something from the menu. After an hour of anxiously waiting and eventually becoming an annoyance to everyone else in the restaurant, the dish was delivered. As the waiter removed the top from the silver serving tray the delicatessen was revealed for all to see. You can imagine the disappointment of this man when he saw the plate and the waiter informed him that, “The chef says to tell you that his young daughter says his grilled cheese sandwich is the very best dish he prepares.” Many know the saying about not praying for patience because God will teach you how to be patient through trials and testing. The same is true for other characteristics such as wisdom – Solomon was faced with a difficult decision almost immediately after asking for wisdom. Another one that I have been reminded of recently is humility. At the root of all of us, there is a struggle with pride. The pride that comes from a promotion we received because of our merit or the number of followers we have on social media, or the attitude of authority that comes from being in a position of leadership. Scripture tells us that God resists the proud and draws near to the humble. I want to be in the group that God is near but it it’s often for selfish reasons. I order up a double portion of humility as if it were an item on a menu in a fancy restaurant but then I ask God to cut the humbling from it. You see, there is no way to have humility unless God humbles us when we need it. Having God humble me is a very difficult, but a required aspect of having humility and humility is a characteristic to be exhibited by Christians. The rub comes from my idea of humility being different from God’s. The Bible doesn’t teach a false humility that declares, “I’m really proud of how humble I am,” or the type that lessens the glory of God’s creation that I am, but the humility that acknowledges every good and perfect gift comes from God and on my own I am capable of nothing good. So, take it from me, humble pie isn’t as sweet as it sounds but if it is the thing that draws me back into a right relationship with the Lord, I’ll take it.


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