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February 5, 2018, 2:15 PM


“Surprise!”  Nobody can say that word quite like Gomer used to.  It’s usually something people shout out for a good reason or at a happy time.  The pleasant surprise is always welcomed in the form of a gift, a little extra time, or an unexpected guest.  However, surprises don’t always come with good tidings.  We can rest assured that nothing takes God by surprise.  But since we are not God, it’s safe to say that life will throw each of us that special surprise from time to time.  Psalm 139 tells us that each day of our lives was known by God before even one came to be, that He knows us in our inmost parts, and that there is nowhere we can go that He can’t see us.  That doesn’t mean that He must ask us for approval in order for things to happen.  Unexpected events happen to all of us and my family is currently living in the middle of one of those surprises.  These types of things can be very overwhelming and humbling.  When you are forced to allow people to do things for you and there seem to be more questions than answers it can be easy to look with bewilderment to God and say, “why me, Lord?”  I was having one of these moments as my wife drove me to another appointment and my anxiety seemed to reach yet another level of intensity.  Then a song came on the radio and I was reminded that there is always a bigger picture.  Circumstances in life are seldom about only us.  I have seen the Lord do amazing things in the last few days that might not have taken place if not for a surprise.  I have gained a deeper love for my wife and children as they have had to take care of me instead of me being the one to always watch over, care, and provide for them.  When I listened to the words of that song and thought about the bigger picture, it’s as if the Lord asked me back, “Why you, Robert?”  I’m still trying to figure it out, but I know it has something to do with my faith in Him and how that affects my response to this surprise.  Listen to the song and ask the Lord why He’s chosen to use you for His glory.


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