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May 14, 2018, 10:55 AM

Simple Mechanics

In life, there are things that inevitably come up at the worst times. A pimple before prom, an upset stomach on a long road trip, or a sick child when mom and dad are finally going to get that date night. For me, another great frustration to add to that list is car trouble. It frustrates me almost more than anything when my vehicle begins to have mechanical issues. First of all, it’s a huge inconvenience to have to work around busy schedules with only one vehicle. Secondly, I know it’s going to cost me some money to get the problem corrected. Perhaps the biggest issue for me is that I can’t fix it myself and I have to trust someone else to do it for me. I remember one time when my car developed an issue and because I had been able to fix some things on it before, I was confident I could do it again. However, I quickly realized I was over my head and needed to seek professional help in order to have it repaired correctly. When the mechanic fixed the issue and called me to come pick it up, he explained that it would have been less expensive and completed quicker if he had not had to first undo what I had done thinking I was fixing the problem. (Thankfully I use a mechanic who is honest a does great work.) My thought is this; how many times do we try to fix the things in our lives before we finally give up and go to God? He is the only One who can repair what is broken about us. How much damage do we do when we take things into our own hands rather than trusting in the God who has created us and provides the only source for our healing. When we attempt to fix things on our own, we often only make matters worse and create more issues that will need to be undone, that will cost more in pain and grief and take longer than we would want. Jesus Christ died on the cross and was resurrected so that we might have healing and redemption, not of our own doing but in what was done by God for us. We don’t have the ability to fix what’s broken about us, it’s only the power of God in us that gives us the strength to overcome. It’s the Spirit of God that draws a person to the Son of God so that they might receive the fullness of the grace of God. Stop trying to fix things on your own and go the One who can reconcile all things through Jesus.


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