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July 3, 2018, 10:54 AM

Redeemed Furniture

I believe everyone is good at something. Some people are good at sports and others excel in academics. Some can fix a car or give a convincing speech. I’m not trying to brag, but my wife has many talents. She has strong administration skills, has obtained a certificate in personal training, manages a busy household and finds time to be my best friend. In the last year or so she has found something else she enjoys and is good at doing. She finds old, worn out furniture that seems to have lost its worth and practical use and refinishes it. We go around to garage sales or scroll through social media to find pieces that someone no longer wants or needs. Often these pieces have lost the luster of the glory days and show the marks of wear and tear or outright abuse. The furniture she works with didn’t choose to be carved in, roughed up, or colored on. Some of the items she finds are in good condition but the person is redecorating and going in a different direction or their taste has changed and it’s not the furniture’s fault, it just wasn’t working out. But when Emily gets hold of the furniture, something happens. She doesn’t see a broke down, scarred up old table. She sees an opportunity for families to gather around at dinner time and discuss their day. She looks beyond the scratches and coloring on a dresser and sees the beauty in the potential of restoration. I know this is not a new concept but the idea of it refreshed my spirit. The friend that works with my wife on the furniture told her one day that it reminds her of what God does with us. What a marvelous thought! I’m sure nobody asks to be abused, let go for something newer or younger, or hear the words, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Far too many people allow others to determine their worth and value. No matter how the world sees you or even you see yourself, through the redeeming power of God there is hope and a future. Regardless of circumstances, past or present, redemption can overcome what has been done and transform you into something amazing and beautiful. God provided a way for this in Jesus. Our worth is found in our position in Christ alone, not in pleasing others. God will never tell you that you’re being replaced by a newer model. Find beauty, healing, joy, peace, hope, and love in the redeeming power of God through Jesus. He will take the old and make it new, the broken and heal it, and the cast aside and claim it.


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