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January 23, 2018, 10:23 AM

Pruning, Anyone?

When I was called to Beall Chapel as Pastor in May of 2015 it was a special time for our family.  The people here are so wonderful and loving and have always been so good to us.  One of the gifts we received from the church when they welcomed us was a “money tree.”  The money was a blessing but the plant would be a challenge.  Emily and I have never been accused of having a green thumb but we both knew we wanted to keep this plant alive as long as we could.  We kept it watered and made sure it was able to soak up plenty of sunshine.  When we moved to a different house we were able to transplant into a bigger pot to accommodate the growth that had taken place.  It was doing so well, growing and thriving and we were so proud of it.  Then one night recently, I forgot to bring it in the house.  On that particular night, the temperature got down into the 20’s.  The next day when we remembered it was outside and brought it in we were in a state of shock.  This beautiful, growing, thriving plant that we had taken care of for 2 ½ years was in bad shape.  We did the best we could to nurse it back to health but it quickly became obvious that there was going to be a significant amount of loss.  The choice had to be made to cut off the branches that were dead and dying in an attempt to give the others more of the life-giving nutrients they would need to survive, otherwise the whole plant might die.  It was difficult to watch this large plant be reduced to only a couple of branches.  John 15 tells of a similar thing regarding the pruning of branches that don’t produce fruit.  Unfortunately, most of us have “branches” in our lives that hinder the production of fruit and may even lead to a detrimental outcome for the whole person if there isn’t some pruning done.  I would ask you, what do you have in your life that is unhealthy and hurting your relationship with God? Is there something you need to have pruned?  Present your heart, soul, and life before the Vinedresser and let Him prune those things that prevent you from having a growing, thriving relationship with Him.  Do it today.


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