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January 9, 2018, 8:57 AM

Plain and Dry

Plain and dry is the way my wife orders her burgers.  No veggies, no cheese, no mustard, mayo, or ketchup.  This may seem to be a simple request but you’d be amazed at how often her burger is prepared incorrectly.  In a day and time where everything is about choices and add-ons, upgrades and extras it seems the simple things have become more difficult.  A phone that is used merely to talk and text is social status killer and trying to find one grows more difficult with each passing day.  I remember the first time I went into one of those famous coffee shops that offer the half-caff triple whip with a spin and a swirl.  I felt so lost and confused because all I wanted was a black coffee.  The basic principle of coffee was lost in all of the “extras.”  I get it, people want choices because it makes them feel in control and so they can create a product, whether it be coffee or a hamburger that fits their desire.  Even in churches, the power of the choice and accommodation of stylistic preference has led to a multiplicity of church services geared toward meeting the desire of the people (Last time I checked, worship was supposed to be focused on God and not the stylistic preference of people but that is another discussion for another time.)  This inundation of choices in everything from fast food to automobiles, from coffee to Bible translation has somewhat overcomplicated what should be pretty simple.  In Deuteronomy 30 God makes it simple.  He calls the people to worship Him alone with all of their heart and soul with the promise of blessings to come from doing so.  The alternative is to turn toward idols and false gods and receive the consequences that choice.  That is the basic choice every person is faced with in this life and it determines their eternal destiny.  To either choose life and blessings with God or death and curses without Him.  Have you made your choice? Are you living faithfully in that choice? If you hope to remain neutral and not decide on one view of God or the other, then you have already made your choice.  Choose life that is found only in salvation through Jesus Christ. 


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