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November 7, 2017, 1:37 PM

No Fancy Words

I have no fancy words to offer or humorous stories to tell.  I confess that, due to recent events both in Sutherland and in my personal life, I am finding it difficult to wrap my mind around the reality we live in every day.  The most eloquent words fall short of providing comfort to those dealing with the loss of a loved one taken too soon.  I have to take inventory of the things spoken at such times and consider my belief in those words.  It is a tremendous struggle when a broken heart cries out desperately for a miracle while the spirit within prompts remembrance of, “Thy will be done.”  The struggle between flesh and spirit is brought to a crescendo.  This is where I have found myself and so I would offer to you these thoughts.  The wages of sin is death.  A part of that is having to live in a body that is futile and breaks down. One that can, and so often does become consumed by sickness and disease.  Sinfulness and depravity are not far from each other.  When someone who is totally depraved acts out in like manner as he is motivated by sinful nature, the consequences become catastrophic.  Sin entered into the world through a choice made by two people long ago, and the effects continue to ripple throughout our world.  God is holy, just, and righteous. He is the God of love.  Man has chosen to take God from schools, from the government, and shows like Saturday Night Live display how much of America feels about Him.  Our culture has told God to get out and then blames Him for all that goes wrong.  Friends, God is the only hope for our nation and it begins with honoring Him in our marriages, homes, churches, and communities.  I am reminded of Peter’s response when many had turned from following Jesus and Christ asked the disciples if they were going to leave also.  Our answer should be the same, especially in the face of difficult times.  Where else can we go but to God?  He is our only hope.


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