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June 10, 2019, 12:04 PM

Is Faith in Faith Really Faith?

Huh? I know that question doesn’t seem to make much sense upon the initial reading of it. But take a moment and ponder what is being asked. Is faith something considered to be a second cousin to karma or destiny? If a person simply has enough faith in the concept of faith then will what they hope for come to fruition? Faith is only as good as the object or person the faith is placed in. As a Christian, I don’t put much faith in things like karma, destiny, luck, chance, or coincidence. My faith is in the God of the universe who is the Great I AM. Having said that, there are times when I struggle in my faith. Life is hard and the enemy is real. Walking by faith can be a challenge but that is no excuse to waiver in our faith. In fact, it’s often in the struggles when our faith becomes a witness to unbelievers. The author of Hebrews uses Noah as an example of a believer who lived in faith even when things were tough. It was his faith in God that bore witness to all of the people who rejected God. You may think this point baseless because it happened so long ago but let me remind you that Jesus himself says the last days prior to His return would be similar to the days of Noah (Luke 17:26-27). I’m sure Noah had days when he became discouraged and tired. I would imagine that he may have even wondered if he correctly understood what God had instructed him to do. Building a huge boat on dry land that would be populated with 2 of every kind of animal from all over the world which would be brought to him because the entire earth was going to be flooded and covered with water strikes me as a little unusual. Noah did not place his faith in circumstances that would have to come to being for all of this to take place. He didn’t place his faith in his own ability to figure it all out. He didn’t place his faith in his ability as a zookeeper or master craftsman. He placed his faith in the God that was over all of those things. Because of His faith and a holy fear of God, He built the ark. So the question is this, what type of witness is your faith showing? Not that you won’t have struggles from time to time because we know that the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. But overall, does your faith bear witness of the God of creation or the gods you’ve created? Salvation from the storm is found in Christ alone.



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