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December 21, 2017, 9:07 AM

Idol Gifts

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year and for many, that is the case.  The holiday season brings uplifted spirits and kindness of heart toward strangers.  It thrusts excitement and anxious anticipation upon all those excited to see what gifts they will receive.  Speaking of gifts, it is this very topic that overwhelms and bewilders me each year.  Used to, I would go and shop for my wife and pick out what I thought was the perfect gift only to find out on Christmas morning that we didn’t share the same taste in clothes.  So now she will provide me a specific list of things with color and sizes included and I will choose from that list ONLY.  Kids have been a different story.  They have always been somewhat simple to buy gifts for.  They provide a list and Santa brings things from that list.  There was one year that we went way over the top in buying the kids gifts.  We tried to get them everything they asked for(except for what Santa brought) and then some hoping to get the perfect gift.  That Christmas day we expected to be a glorious praise-a-thon for mom and dad.  However, it was anything but glorious.  In seeking to find the gifts that would bring great joy and fulfillment we put the emphasis of Christmas on the wrong thing.  These inanimate items made from plastic, cloth, metal, and stone did nothing to warrant such high esteem that was placed on them.  They just sat there holding our hopes of satisfaction only to bring about utter disappointment.  Throughout the Bible, there are warnings given against idol worship and the consequences of doing so.  This Christmas let the season truly be about Jesus as the greatest gift in which all of our hopes resides rather than placing our hope of temporary fulfillment in objects made by human hands and composed of perishable materials that resemble idols.  Anything that takes the place of Christ in our hearts and lives has, at that point, become an idol. 


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