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February 28, 2018, 1:31 PM

Hot as Jalapeno

I will never forget the day it happened.  I had cooked a skillet full of veggies sautéed with spices and different types of peppers.  I enjoy searching for that perfect combination that makes you feel like your taste buds are having a party.  Maybe one day I will figure it out, but it wasn’t that day.  After I finished putting all of the ingredients in the skillet, I rinsed my hands, cooked the veggies and sat down to eat with my family.  When dinner was over we cleared the table and I went to the bathroom to take my contacts out.  It took a whole 0.12 seconds for my brain to register that my eyeball was on fire and I began screaming as loud as I could for Emily to come help me.  Tears began pouring from my eye and my vision was blurry to the point I couldn’t see anything from that eye.  By the time Emily got to me, I had tears rolling down my face and my eye was blood red and swollen.  However, my screams of pain and panic had now turned to hysterical laughter.  You see, I realized that I had only rinsed my hands with water after cutting up the jalapeno peppers and didn’t use soap to thoroughly clean them.  Needless to say, we got a good laugh that day and my kids still bring it up.  Some people try to deal with their sin the same way I dealt with the jalapeno juice on my hands.  They try whatever means necessary to rinse it away or cover it up, but even if they can’t see it, it’s still there.  Relationships, drugs, alcohol, work, money, success, popularity, or anything else found in this world can’t cleanse a person from their sin.  All it does is serve as a cover up until that day it will come back to burn them.  Sin is a problem we all have in common, and there is only one way to have it cleansed.  The blood of Jesus that was shed for our atonement is the only way to be completely cleansed of sin.  Anything else, though it may cause you to think your sin is no longer an issue, is only a simple rinsing and not a soul cleansing washing.  And the worse thing about only rinsing away sin and not having it cleansed by the blood of Jesus is  the burning that will be experienced is in the lake of fire and will never cease.  Hell will burn much hotter than jalapeno juice in the eye.  The Good News is that there is cleansing, the forgiveness of our sins, in the blood of Jesus, freely available to all who will place their faith in Him.  Have you trusted in Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  Don’t get burned by only rinsing and not being fully cleansed. 


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