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June 20, 2017, 2:28 PM

Getting a Good Deal

My oldest daughter is away at dance camp this week.  She calls home each night to tell us of how things are going and the highlights of her day.  She's at the age where she has to make decisions for herself and begin to apply some of the things she has been taught by her mother and I.  The college hosting the camp is where my daughter hopes to attend after highschool and we have been there for various events over the last couple of years.  On one of first trips, Gracie(my daughter) found a sweatshirt that she really wanted but didn't want to pay the asking price.  The highlight of her day yesterday was that she found that sweatshirt half price and bought it.  I don't know if she was more excited about the shirt or only paying half price.  I'm the proud dad who's glad she waited and got it at a discount. She wanted the benefit of the shirt but didn't want to pay full price.  It made me think about my spiritual walk.  Jesus was willing to pay full price for my redemption, knowing ahead of time what he would get in return is far less than what He is worthy of.  Why then do I often find myself wanting the fullness of the blessings of salvation but not wanting to pay full price for them.  I want the abundant life, but I'm not interested in paying the price of denying self daily and taking up my cross to follow Him.  When we choose not to commit the fullness of our lives to following Christ, we're not getting a good deal, we are actually short changing ourselves.  


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