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July 23, 2018, 10:02 AM

Final Jeopardy

Jeopardy is one of the longest-running, well-known game shows on TV, so popular that Weird Al Yankovic made a parody of it. It is known for its iconic host, answers that must be in the form of a question, and challenging trivia. I have always enjoyed watching it and have even answered correctly on occasion. One of the most commonly recognized tunes comes from this show, and many who know the tune may not even realize it’s played on the show. Now that some of you are humming it or singing it out loud I want you to think about the very end of the tune. You know, the part where it plays two deep, base notes. In my mind, it sounds like “dum-dum!” It signifies that the time for coming up with an answer is over and now comes the moment of judgment that will determine the winner. Up until this point in the game, the players have had opportunities to answer questions and put themselves in position for victory. There have been numerous times I have seen the person who is leading going into Final Jeopardy end up losing because they didn’t have the correct answer or were content with their place and didn’t wager enough on the last question. Rather than jeopardy, the Bible teaches that there will be a judgment and victory doesn’t come by way of an answer in the form of a question but by faith in the Savior. Jesus wept aloud over Jerusalem as he entered into the city prior to His atoning death (Luke 19:41-44). He knew that the time had come for Him to go to the cross and the people of Jerusalem had rejected Him and would endure the consequences of that rejection. These consequences would arrive at the hands of Titus and the Romans in the year AD 70 but also in that time when they stand before God at the final judgment. If the span of your life was represented by the theme song of Final Jeopardy and you knew you were getting close to hearing the final two notes, would you have the right answer when you stand before God? None of us know when our time will come to an end on this earth but the Bible promises that everyone will stand before God. Having the experiential knowledge of what brings peace between humanity and God is the only answer that will matter in that time. Note, it must be an experiential knowledge meaning it goes beyond a simple head knowledge and is received by placing faith in Jesus. It won’t matter how many other questions you have gotten right in life if your answer to God’s plan of salvation is not placing your faith in Christ alone. ON the flip side of that same coin, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve made mistakes or what those mistakes have been, God’s grace is sufficient. Be sure you have the right answer to final judgment before your tune ends.


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