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January 2, 2018, 10:22 AM

Cube Wisdom

Recently my family has been in the midst of some struggles.  Disappointments, distractions, confusion, and circumstances have left us feeling helpless and frustrated.  The Christmas spirit was not as abundant this year as compared to years gone by.  The kids still had fun and we still enjoyed spending time together, but at the back of my mind there remained the current state of our circumstance and a constant irritation living just beneath the surface of my emotions.  I always take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off to spend time with the family and play with the toys the kids got for Christmas.  It just so happens that my son got two Rubik’s Cubes this year and he generously allowed me to play with one.  It was a sort of comfort because it captured my mind and caused me to be focused and intent on something besides the recent struggles.  It took me the whole week but I finally solved the cube (with the help of YouTube videos).  After solving the first one, it took only a few minutes to solve the second one.  The ease in solving the second cube came because I had learned not to be frustrated with pieces in the wrong spot or with the fact that it takes multiple twists and turns to move a piece one spot over.  I had been able to see that all of the seemingly random movements that appeared chaotic and out of order were working to get every piece into the correct place.  It simply took trusting in the process and understanding how it all worked together.  I had gone from trying to do it my way as a child by switching the stickers or popping the pieces off and putting them back in place to look like I had solved it, to learning the right way of doing it.  You see, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and its disappointments and frustrations and trying our way to fix things. However, the solution to the puzzle of living the abundant life is having the faith to know who’s hands are turning the pieces and trusting that He is working it all out for good, and having wisdom like Solomon to understand and discern the importance and necessity of each seemingly random and chaotic move. 


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