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June 15, 2017, 1:39 PM

Birthday Cake Decorations

Has anyone else noticed how impressive birthday cake decorations have become.  I recall my family attending a birthday party at which the cake was amazing.  It contained the popular action figures, and characters and the design was unbelievable.  It was better than any of my epic Pintrest fails.  I overheard someone say that the cake had cost over $150 and it was quite the spectacle. However, the cake itself wasn't all that great.  It was a bit dry and not very sweet.(It didn't stop me from eating it)  I wonder if that is how the Church looks to God sometimes.  Here is this thing that is majestically decorated with all sorts of beautiful colors and designs.  So many extras piled on that the main purpose, is forgotten or overlooked.  All the people complimenting the outward appearance of the  cake and the proud parents taking credit for spending an insane amount of money on something that will soon be gone.  What good is it to be finely decorated and maintain a beautiful outward appearance if the purpose we were created for goes unaccomplished.   We were created to be far more than decorations and Jesus didn't die for us to lead lives filled with all fluff and no substance.  


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