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June 26, 2017, 3:56 PM

Afraid of Heights

I can remember a time when I was a young man, I often made poor choices.  One of those was to climb up to the top of a local tower that was no longer in use.  It served as a watchtower because you can see for miles from the top.  Fast forward about 25 years and things are much different for me.  A couple of years ago, my family and I went to a water park that had some of those tall water slides.  In order to ride them, I had to climb the stairs that extended what seemed to be about 1,000 feet high.  As my daughter and I ascended the stairs, I began to get nauseous.  Within a few seconds, dizziness and tunnel vision ensued.  Laura, my daughter who was about 10 years old, asked me if I was ok.  I obviously was not ok and had started turning a funny shade of green.  I knew there was no way way I was going to turn and go back down.  First of all, who would ride down the slide with my little girl? Secondly, I am a man and stubbornness drowns out logic way too often.  Just when I was about to become physically ill, Laura told me to close my eyes and hold her hand and she would lead me up the rest of the stairs.  Once it was our time to ride, I would be ok long enough to get across the platform and into the tube.  I'm sure it was quite humorous to see a big, bald guy being led by a cute little girl.  If anything, it should have been me helping her overcome the fear of heights.  O, how I was humbly reminded that day of my limitations.  There are few things in life that scare me more than heights.  I was reminded by that day, that when I encounter scary circumstances in life, things I don't think I can accomplish or overcome, all I need to do is close my eyes and reach for the hand that will guide me.  It's kind of like walking by faith and not by sight.  Don't let things you see keep you from getting where God wants to take you.  Take His hand, trust in Him, and walk by faith.  


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