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March 23, 2018, 12:00 PM

A Diiferent Kind of Pain

When I played football in high school, the coaches used to tell us there is a difference between being hurt and being injured.  I remember being told once that if I was injured to get off the field because I couldn’t play, but if I was only hurt then to suck it up and play because everyone else was hurt too.  If you have ever had a serious injury you can understand the difference and also the hurt that comes with the injury.  Often, these serious injuries require a surgical intervention in order to be made well.  Sometimes surgery is required to repair joints that are just worn out and causing pain.  Either way, there is a difference in the kind of pain that is felt when the injury occurs and the pain that comes after surgery.  The preoperative pain lets you know something is terribly wrong and you can’t continue normal activity no matter how hard you try to suck it up.  It the type of pain that doesn’t go away or get better without an intervention.  The other type of pain is the pain that comes postoperatively. It’s the pain that comes from the surgical instruments and other devices that have been used to heal you.  Somehow the old pain is gone and the new pain is much more encouraging because healing is on the way.  Guilt, shame, and conviction are somewhat similar to the different types of pain.  Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit that indwells believers.  It guides us when we are trying to make decisions and gently nudges us in the right direction when temptation creeps up on us.  It leads us to seek forgiveness and ultimately draws us back to the Savior.  Guilt and shame are from the devil who is also known as the accuser.  He would seek to cause believers to become paralyzed with shame and feelings of worthlessness.  Conviction is good because it is intended to lead us to the healer.  Guilt and shame are used by the enemy to lead us away from healing and restoration.  Don’t misunderstand your feelings of conviction over something you’ve done as a negative type of guilt and cause you to not seek the healer.  Jesus didn’t come so that we could simply be guilty of sin, but that we could be made aware of our guilt and through conviction be led to salvation in Him.  Every person stands guilty in sin, will yours drive you to the Savior or away from Him?  


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